Timi William


Ultimately my process tends to follow: Discover, Define, Design, Test and Iterate. 


At this stage I want to find out what is the main goal for the project, gather insight about the industry I am designing for and who their competition is. 

I learn as much as I can and start to focus on who’s the target audience and who I'm designing for? What are my users’ issues with the product or service?



Now is time to make sense of all the possibilities identified in the Discover phase. I identify the needs and prioritise them. At this stage I am also identifying the problems


At this stage solutions or concepts are created in a design studio. They are prototyped, tested and iterated. 



Several rounds of usability testing are required to ensure that I am not designing for my self but for the users. This also helps with validation of assumptions during design studio.


This is the stage where the result of the project is delivered to the clients through a face to face presentation and highlighting the design specification.