Timi William

On a good day I am curious, on my worst day I am even more curious.

Who I am.

I’m easy to get along with; an occasional extrovert, humorous & bold. My career has taken me from Five Star hotels in the Seychelles, to Savile Row, London and other interesting places in between. Having worked, studied & travelled to different countries, I have developed a global view on people & life. 

I have a diverse professional background; bespoke tailoring, hospitality and retail, with transferable skills such as  empathy, problem solving, research, listening and client management that lends itself to a UX Design skill set.


I am currently reading - Mindfulness by Gill Hasson

I am currently listening to Sade - Your love is King

Food is my Religion

I am always Peckish 

I love life

My favourite quote is "We are all born naked, and the rest is a drag" -RuPaul